10 Customer Master Graph Must-Do’s
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  Peter Perera   Peter Perera
Enterprise/Business Technology Consultant
The Perera Group, Inc.


Monday, January 30, 2017
02:45 PM - 04:15 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

As interest in graphs for MDM and CRM snowballs, the conversation needs to balance business and technology matters. In this compelling tutorial Peter shares 10 important business and technology must-do’s to create a contextualized customer master graph. He shakes up conventional thinking while providing practical insights on how to approach MDM graph and use the language of nodes, edges and properties to expose hidden, blind and unknown customer connections and data relationships.

This tutorial addresses the importance of context and defines seven main context elements of a customer master graph. It shows how to gain the coveted 360-degree customer view…without the tunnel vision. Attendees will experience a case example of modeling, transforming and leveraging existing customer data into what Peter dubs a “Customer Master Graph”.

This session introduces innovative thinking on how to embed graphs into existing enterprise systems without disrupting current technology investments. Peter promises a solid primer on introducing graph, search, visualization and analytical technologies into the enterprise business system landscape.

• Learn to think graphically and contextually about customers
• Discover how to untap the value in customer connections and data relationships
• Know how to tell engaging customer sagas, not just stories
• Understand the issues around making customer data graph-ready
• Define three graph business requirements unmet by existing CRM and MDM systems

In short, Peter Perera works with graph databases to contextualize, explore, visualize and analyze customer connections and data relationships - viewing customer data like never envisioned. You can say he soups up CRM and MDM systems. He is an enterprise business technology consultant and a spirited, experienced presenter with subject expertise in customer MDM graph, enterprise CRM and making enterprise data graph-ready. During his lengthy consulting career, he has advised and collaborated with over 100 client organizations, facilitated over 100 two-day seminars, has spoken at numerous conferences and penned many articles on enterprise CRM ad MDM. Since 2013, he has focused on emerging graph db technologies to tell engaging customer data stories. During the last two decades, his clients have included brand-name organizations in enterprise software, health insurance, travel, education, high-tech, manufacturing, financial services, nonprofits, business services, and medical products and diagnostics.

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