Introduction to R
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  Stacy Irwin   Stacy Irwin
Data Scientist
Modus Operandi


Monday, January 30, 2017
08:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

R is a flexible and robust interpretive language for performing a number of tasks in Data Science. Understanding basic syntax and following representative examples can jumpstart the novice on an exploratory journey, helping them gain knowledge from static data. We assume the audience has introductory to intermediate experience programming in any language.

In addition to a brief overview of R as a language, lessons will focus on producing immediate results with minimal instructions and examples. Topics covered include:

• Syntax and data types
• Input/output to files
• Basic statistics
• Visualizations
• Packages
• How to help yourself

Dr. Stacy Irwin draws experience from a diverse background including computer science, publishing, and physics. While earning a Ph.D. in Space Sciences, she was exposed to R by a colleague in the midst of her dissertation analysis. Impressed with the language’s capabilities, she completed all analysis and visualizations in R, a move that led to a career in Data Science. Dr. Irwin has applied these skills to recover knowledge from big data sources such as malware reports, event databases, and marine vessel tracking data. In her role as Scientist at Modus Operandi, Dr. Irwin continually investigates and borrows methods from other technical fields for novel applications to current problems. Dr. Irwin has been the recipient of Florida Space Grants and was a NASA Graduate Research Program Fellow. Her current research focus includes pattern analysis of hard and soft data.

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