The Power of Semantic Technologies to Explore Linked Open Data
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  Atanas Kiryakov   Atanas Kiryakov


Wednesday, February 1, 2017
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

The presentation will showcase the ability to discover relationships across public data. The speaker will provide the right data science tools, data samples, and example queries, which will enable users to achieve the very same results demonstrated during the presentation and transfer these skills to their proprietary data sets. In a nutshell, the demonstration will provide the opportunities to:

  • Explore the relationships visually;
  • Build new links between identical entities residing in different data silos;
  • Get insights of what type of queries can be run against linked data sets;
  • Reliably filter information based on relationships, e.g. between people and organizations in the news;
  • One specific use case in which the power of these semantic capabilities will be tested is the Panama Papers.

The created knowledge graph portal will provide greater context for fast and easy relationship exploration, and ideally encourage data analytics enthusiasts, journalists and developers to dive into it and dig deeper.

Atanas Kiryakov is the founder and executive director of Ontotext AD. He joined Sirma (a top-3 software company in Bulgaria) as a software engineer in 1993 and later on became partner and member of the board. In 2000 he founded Ontotext - the developer of a leading semantic graph database, GraphDB. Atanas is a leading expert in semantic databases, author of multiple signature industry publications, including chapters from the widely acclaimed "Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies."

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