AI and ML in Digital Marketing Experiences
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  Tom Jacobs   Tom Jacobs
Adobe Research Director


Wednesday, February 1, 2017
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a negative connotation. As movies have implied, AI (i.e., machines) will one day replace humans. The true goal of AI is to assist humans in solving complex problems more efficiently. While we're finally becoming comfortable talking to our phones to handle simple tasks, what we'd all likely prefer is an experience with an intelligent agent who can help us get answers to the questions we should be asking or answers to questions we might never have asked alone. Scientific pioneers like Alan Turing and global tech brands have been investigating how AI has evolved into an increasingly human-like experience. What does that mean for digital marketing - both in simplifying complex big data marketing processes and delighting consumers with personalized experiences? Tom Jacobs, the Director of Adobe's Systems Technology Lab, will shed light on the dynamic between digital marketer and machine. Tom will discuss:
  • The present state of AI/digital marketing. How are brands currently leveraging AI for their marketing?
  • Considerations for AI in your digital marketing. What are the opportunities that should be capitalized on?
  • Where AI in digital marketing headed. What can’t digital marketers do now with AI that they may be able to in the future?

Tom Jacobs leads a systems technology focused lab in Adobe Research, where he has been since early 2007. His research interests include big data analytical services (including the Internet of Things), digital marketing solutions (ranging from predictive modeling, lifetime modeling, classification systems and prescriptive agents), platforms for delivering data science as a service, methods for analyzing rich-media content collections (including semantic analysis and rich media search), as well as advancing the techniques for delivering rich-media experiences (for example, next-generation content delivery systems, multi-view experiences, and advanced digital rights management techniques).

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