Smart Data for Smarter Fire Fighting
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  Bart van Leeuwen   Bart van Leeuwen


Tuesday, January 31, 2017
02:30 PM - 03:15 PM

Level:  Case Study

Fire fighting is not only about putting the actual fire out. One of the important tasks of the fire service is to educate the people to keep them out of harm's way. Getting the right message to the right people has always been a huge task. With the availability of more and more data about the service areas and the people that live there, fire services are now getting a huge opportunity to change the way they work, both in the educational domain and in their operations.

In this presentation we will talk about:

  • Using smart data to do forecasting based on socio-demographics
  • Creating smart operational guidelines based on real time data
  • Self describing geographic data for intelligent information exchange
  • The outliers which are the real challenge to the fire service
  • Technological insight in the tools used
  • The human touch in smart data

Bart van Leeuwen combines his 20 years fire fighting experience with 21 years of netage ownership. This combination allows him to highlight a new perspective on operational information delivery and data usage in the fire service.

With the ever larger amount of available data and changes in tactical approaches to fire fighting, new and fresh thinking is needed. As an "outside the box" thinker, he helps fire departments to approach their information problems in a different way. In this process, technology is not the answer; its an enabler and should be treated as such.

Currently he leads an innovation project where proven information management technology is combined with new paradigms, like semantic web technology, to deal with information flows in a smarter and agile way.

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