Combining Deep Linguistics Analysis with Semantics to Deliver on the Cognitive Computing Promise
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  Bryan Bell   Bryan Bell
EVP Market Development
Expert System


Tuesday, January 31, 2017
02:30 PM - 03:15 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

More than just software, cognitive computing is computer simulation of human thought. When successful, it delivers a computer model which allows organizations to analyze unstructured data in real time, discover insight, investigate questions, and empower their decision-making processes. Delivering on this promise of cognitive computing is not simple. It requires combining a set of technologies that utilize key word context, pattern matching, NLP, deep linguistic analysis, and semantics to understand information similar to the human brain.

During this session, several technologies will be explained and demonstrated including:

  • What is a semantic network?
  • Semantic network (language ontology) visualized and demonstration
  • Content disambiguation demonstration
  • Automated content enrichment with contextually correct metadata
  • Demonstration of content clustering, categorization and named entity extraction

Bryan Bell leads business development and sales for Expert System in North America. An industry veteran, Bryan has extensive experience in search, automated metadata extraction, taxonomy creation, knowledge management, and semantic technologies. Prior to his tenure at Expert System, Bryan contributed to the growth of, Autonomy, Smartlogic, and Concept Searching. Bryan holds a B.A. in Communications from Murray State University.

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